Our Story

Everybody loves a good story. Here's ours.

In the summer of 2004, our founder Josh Simmons was sidelined for 10 days following a tonsillectomy. It was during this time that he devoured books on programming and began a few pilot projects, including a website with a real-time scoring system for the NBA Vegas Summer League (which was later absorbed by NBA.com in 2007).

In late 2005, Josh developed and released eCatholic, a CMS (content management system) for Catholic parishes, schools, and ministries. A few months later, he released the CMS under another name (EZsitePRO) to provide small businesses and organizations with beautiful, dynamic websites that are easy to update.

Fast-forward a few years. In early 2015, we released a complete redesign of our website platform under a new name: Sheenomo. With Sheenomo, we've reimagined and reinvented the way you communicate, inspire, and engage.

We often get asked, "What's behind the name 'Sheenomo'?" Great question! "Sheen" comes from the late Archbishop Fulton Sheen, Archbishop of New York and a pioneer in the use of new media. "Omo" comes from Saint Omobono, the patron saint of business people. So Sheenomo is for businesses and organizations that want to embrace new media to effectively spread their message.

Now that you know a little of our story, take a minute to get to know our team.