Quick Flip (content transfer service)

Don't have time to move into your new eCatholic website? Let us do the heavy lifting.

Sometimes, when you buy a new house, you don't have the time to pack up and move everything yourself, or maybe you just need to move-in ASAP. So what do you do? Hire professional movers.

Our Quick Flip service is very similar.

Many of our clients already have websites before they switch to Sheenomo. Some of those clients either do not have the time to transfer the content from their old site over to their new Sheenomo website, or they just need their new Sheenomo website completely ready and live ASAP. That is why we offer the Quick Flip service.

With the Quick Flip service, our Support Team will transfer all of the content from your old website to your new Sheenomo website for a one-time fee (varies depending on the size of your old website). In most cases, your Quick Flip is completed within a matter of days (or sooner). To learn more or to sign-up for a Quick Flip, contact us today.


$350 (up to 25 pages)
Additional pages - $10 per page